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계란말이, Gyeranmari, Korean egg roll with seaweed (kim,김). If you don’t like seaweed, you can make this pretty egg roll with vegetables, meat or seafood. It’s delicious and pretty. Also, it tastes good at room temperature so makes a good boxed lunch food.

3-4 eggs, blended well
1 1/2 sheets of kim (dried seaweed)
a little oil
salt and pepper

flat bottomed wok or frying pan
2 thin spatulas for turning
sushi rolling mat

Serve with ketchup (or a little go chu jang mixed with soy sauce)

If you’ve never made this, here’s a good video. She makes it look easy!

1) Heat up a non-stick frying pan or wok on low
2)Pour in a little of the eggs and swirl around to coat bottom
3) Let eggs partially cook and lay a sheet of kim on top. Use the two spatulas to gently fold over the top corner.
4) With the spatulas, move the omelette/seaweed up to the top of the frying pan and pour in a little more egg mixture in the vacated space at the bottom of the frying pan. Add a little more seaweed onto this bare egg.
5) Keep cooking on low and rolling the the omelette over the seaweed at the top. Roll, cook, roll, cook, and add the remaining egg to the bottom of the omelette until done.
6) There should be a little bit of raw-ish egg left to complete the egg roll. The raw egg will help the roll stick together.
7) Cook the completed roll on all sides until all sides just golden colored.
8) When done, remove from frying pan and roll up in a sushi rolling mat to help form its shape. Leave to rest for a few minutes. Then slice.
9) Enjoy with ketchup as the Koreans do or serve with any sauce you fancy. I like go chu jang or other spicy chili sauce. This morning we ate ours with go chu jang and a little soy sauce.

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