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Oh avocado. I love you. No. No, I loave you, as Alvy Singer would say.

Sometimes I eat two of these babies a day. On toast, on nachos, with eggs, in sushi, in salad, but most often on their own. I used to eat them with olive oil, black pepper and smoked sea salt. I am a savory, salty person.

The past couple years I’ve been using soy sauce as much, if not more than, salt (for example, I season my omelets with soy sauce) so it occurred to me to try an avocado with soy sauce. It’s perfect actually. Take out the stone and pour the soy sauce right in the pit. Then I started adding chilies, black pepper, sesame oil, japanese rice seasoning, roasted black sesame seeds, go chu gar u (korean chili flakes). It’s all good.

So this isn’t much of a recipe. And it’s possible that this avocado/soy sauce thing has been done to death. I didn’t even check. I just wanted to preach, to testify my avocado love.